Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wish I May Wish I Might

Make a Wish...

Heard of it? I'm sure you have. It's a precious organization. They grant sick kids their wishes. Kids who are diagnosed with a terminal illness. Kids who would love to go to Disney or have their own swimming pool or be a police officer for a day because that's what they wanted to be when they grew up...and they probably won't grown up. So Make a Wish is contacted and waves their magic wand, and poof! the child's wish is granted! It's really sweet.

Make a Wish brought Emma a gift this week. It's this really cool bean bag chair that has a big speaker in the back of it. It connects to the stereo and the music plays through the bean bag speakers and is supposed to calm the person who sits in it through the vibration and sound of the music. She was very calm for quite a while when we sat her in it today. She even laid her head back and relaxed for a bit which we hardly ever see her do. We are truly thankful for the gift.

Thankful for the disease which brought Make a Wish to our home, not so much! I wish I could just donate to the organzation and not have a child who is a recipient. I wish our wish could be for them to cure our baby girl and find a way for her to lead a normal life... a life free from seizures, and drool, and baby food and diapers, and constant tummy aches, and mushy muscles and a disease that has taken away all mobility and smiles and laughs and sight. I wish we would never have heard the words Batten Disease and Emma in the same sentence.


  1. Sweet girl in her chair. I wish we could wish on stars, and make all disease and syndromes, and sickness go away.
    What a nice bean bag chair.
    Thinking of you.

  2. Oh Christy, I wish I could take your pain and Emma's disease away too. Make a Wish is such a wonderful organization....what a nice thing they did and I hope that it will comfort Emma. She looks beautiful in her chair. It looks so comfy.

  3. What an awesome chair! So glad that she seems to enjoy it! I'm so sorry that your family has to watch your sweet girl go through must be truly heart breaking! I pray that God will give you strength, hope and peace as you go through each day! HUGS!!!

  4. oh sweet girl, I am so glad that you have a yummy chair that will sing beautiful music! I agree with everyone here, wishing we could wish on stars and make all the disease go away! (((HUGS)))

  5. Christy, my heart aches for you. I am so sorry. I pray that all of you feel God's comfort in such a difficult time. What a perfect idea for Emma to get a comfy chair that has music. I hope that it brings her some peace and enjoyment. Love you all- jami

  6. love Emmas bean bag chair. my wish would for Emma or y'all to have to go though this or any child or parent.

  7. What a great wish to have granted. I hope Emma gets enjoyment and comfort out of her new chair. Thinking of you guys.

  8. She looks like a princess, in her throne!


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