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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Haven't fallen off the face of the Earth...yet

Sorry for the delay in posts. We were out-of-town on an extended weekend trip to the deer lease, and I'm still trying to catch up...if that's ever possible! Tomorrow, Thursday, is my precious first child's last day of 1st grade! SCREAM!! I. can. not. believe. it!! This year zoomed by I tell you, ZOOMED!! We have plenty of plans for the summer to keep the kiddos busy, including a trip to this fun place. I can't wait. I plan on sending Carleigh and our friend's daughter to the little girl spa, and visiting the grown up spa myself! :) Whoo Hoo! The deer lease was tons of fun. For those of you who quite possibly don't know what a deer lease is, it is the property we lease from a rancher in the Texas Hill Country with a whole buncha land in which we (Kelvin) hunt deer during deer season. We have our 1970 Avion camper there and have a ball camping out in it, sitting around the fire, roasting marshmallows (what else?), wading in the creek, and just hanging out in God's country. The kids took turns being "gate boy/girl" and loved it! Hee Hee! They hunted bugs and the like and saw numerous deer and wildlife. One day we went into town to shop, which is always fun. Our kids played with the rancher's grand kids one evening while we visited with his daughter and son-in-law. We had a really great weekend. I think even Emma enjoyed herself. She was outside a lot of the time in the shade, and the weather was nice most of the mornings. She seemed to like the wind in her hair, the crackle of the campfire, and the smells of the deer lease. We even took her in the jogging stroller down to the creek and splashed water on her feet. I don't think that was her favorite thing, but at least she got to feel the creek water. The ride home wore me out. If Emma wasn't crying, Cora was. I hopped back and forth from the front seat to the back to tend to the babies the entire trip. It was a long 5 or so hours! I was never happier to see my driveway! While we were gone, the room fairy came and decorated Carleigh's room for her birthday. It is sooo CA-YUTE! I love it, and more importantly, Carleigh loves it. I hope to post some before and after pictures for your viewing pleasure in the morning. It's so much fun to decorate a child's room! I can't wait to tackle Luke's. We had our VBS planning meeting tonight. I am going to tackle the music leader position. Can you remember to say a little prayer for me every day until and throughout the week of July 6? I will be leading music for approximately 150 1st through 5th graders. I want to be energetic and fun for them, and you never know what my night before might look like. Can't hold my eyes open much now, so I guess it's time to turn in. I'll be back with pictures tomorrow.
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