Thursday, June 4, 2009

Birthday Room and Deer Lease Pictures

**Updated** June 12, 2009 for Kelly's Korner Show Your House party
We moved into this house three years ago, and life has been pretty crazy ever since. Bathroom remodeling hasn't made it to the top of the priority list, so I thought I would show you the pictures of Carleigh's redecorated room if you missed them last time since I posted so late. It's so cute! I loooove it! Thanks for visiting!

Carleigh got a room makeover for her birthday. Here is before...

Here is the big reveal...

CUTE, huh?

And here are the pictures from our fun weekend...

Hope you enjoyed the picture post! Have a great day!


  1. What a fun and girly room! I love, love, love the butterflies! Is that a cork board wall? Looks like a prime sleep over spot :)

  2. Oh how sweet and cute! I bet she just screamed with delight! Good Job, love all the pink! I can just imagine the sunlight streaming through the windows as she plays in dream land! Fun Fun!

  3. Her room is so pretty! I love the pink! I enjoyed the pictures from your trip too. Loved the last one!


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