Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It's another hot one around these parts! But hey, I'm not complaining, because at 95 degrees, it was almost 10 degrees cooler than the past few days have been. Small blessings are good.

Not long ago I gave you some of my favorite things. Here are a few more (totally random, of course) of the things I love...

  • the new Organic Wear Natural Origin Super Fruit Lip Gloss in Super Berry by Physicians Formula
  • thunderstorms at the end of a hot day
  • Emma's slight smile
  • Cora's voice
  • quiet house after a long & loud day
  • okra
  • good book
  • good friend

A few of the things I hate...

  • Batten Disease
  • long lines when I'm in a hurry
  • being frustrated with my kids
  • unorganized house
  • disrespect

We had some great pictures made last week by my good friend, Janey. I got them back today. Can't wait to show you tomorrow.


  1. I'm with you on your likes and dislikes, except for okra...yuck! Maybe I just haven't had it prepared right, but I've never thought that it tasted good!

    Stay cool in all the heat!

  2. You've got me craving okra now! Fried, steamed, pickled, boiled, in gumbo...doesn't matter!


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