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Friday, June 12, 2009

It's the weekend! Flashback Friday

Tonight we're having crawfish! Whoo Hoo! Yum-O! I love me some crawfish!! I got up with the chickens this morning to go to Adventure Boot Camp...a work-out exclusively for women. It kicked my bootie! Fun though. I think a few crawfish will be the remedy my soar muscles are looking for.

Just got back from swimming lessons with the big kids. I made a deal, or so I thought, with Luke on the way to lessons that if he would put his head completely under water and do exactly what the teacher asked of him I would help him buy the toy he has been saving his money for. You should have seen how he was getting his whole head wet without going under the water. It was so funny! He is such the negotiator. Carleigh is learning to dive now! She's doing such a good job.

I remember so well being on the side of the pool at the YMCA learning how to dive. I was so excited when I finally did it. I wish my little "m" could take swimming lessons with them this year. I wish she could learn how to dive too. I can just imagine one day in a place where there are no more tears and no more pain, where everyone's body works perfectly and there are no issues with enzymes or lipopigments or any disease or sickness, Emma and all the other little children in this world who struggle will splish and splash and do huge swan dives. They will run and jump and catch butterflies. Emma will laugh and play again and talk and tell jokes. She will play hand clapping games and jump rope. My little "m" will dance like a ballerina and sing like a bird. I wish that day would come on this side of Heaven...

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