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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

So much to share

Between Cora's 4th birthday and and all the Easter fun, there's so much to share with you! We had a fabulous weekend. It kicked off with a little friend party for Cora Friday morning. She was SO super excited to have some friends come over to celebrate her special day with her. We kept it small, but it was perfect. They played with bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles, swung on the swings, chased each other, bowled, climbed, colored and had a grand time in the backyard. I went with a bubble gum theme, because other than her sweet daddy, I've never known a person to love bubble gum as much as that little doll!

A princess for a princess.
She loved her Princess Aurora and the matching dress for Princess Cora. :)
birthday cookies by Amanda

She was super excited her best buddy who moved away in the fall could come to her party.
She misses him at school!
Cora and her BFF
Cora decided to get up close and personal with the bubbles...hence, the "wet look" hairdo. It's not every day a gal turns four, so we went with it. After our friends went home, we dumped out the bubbles from the itty bitty swimming pool and filled it with water. The kids were thrilled to change into their bathing suits and jump in the pool. It was pretty funny. The pool can't be more than about three feet in diameter, and all three of them were trying to get in together. I wish we had a bigger backyard and could install a swimming pool. Our kids are part fish, and I am convinced we would stay in the pool about 12 hours a day if we had one. Anyway, we had a ball. Later Friday night, we had the family over for dinner and cupcakes and cookies. It was scrumptious! Cora loved being the center of attention. She also loved all the gifts. :)

1. yummy cupcakes and cookies
2. Cora and her BFF cousin, Camdon
3. Starting to wear out
4. Another princess doll
5. Oh boy!
6. Camdon picked the best My Little Pony!
7. Bday stickers are awesome
8. I love new clothes. These dresses are SO cute!
9. More cupcakes and cookies

Well, that about sums up Cora's 4th birthday week. ;) There's more to share about our weekend, but I still have to work-out before I pick up Cora from school in 45 minutes! Gotta go!
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