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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Today is Cora's 4th birthday. FOUR! She is such a delightful child. She was a complete surprise but a good one, for sure. I'll never forget the shock of seeing the positive result on the pregnancy test. Fear coursed my veins, as we had just days before been given Emma's diagnosis and knew it was genetic. Thank God, Cora was Batten free. He knew what He was doing (He always does) when He gave us each child. Cora is our sunshine on a cloudy day.

Yesterday, we celebrated her birthday at school. She loved her bubble gum machine cookies. I've never met anyone who loves bubble gum as much as Kelvin, but I think he may have met his match with Cora! I thought the cute bubble gum machine and gumball cookies were a good fit for her this year. Her classmates thought they were a good idea too! :)

Amanda does an AMAZING job!
BFF--they are attached at the hip!
At four Cora loves to sing and dance. She plays well alone or with her friends. She likes to pretend. Sometimes she acts like a dog or cat. She loves riding her bike (trike) and playing outside. Diego and Dora are her tops picks followed by Lala Loopsy, Pinky Dinky Doo, Caillou, Super Why, and the Backyardigans (to name a few.) Cora is excited about learning and enjoys preschool. Her excitement about life is contagious, and she makes me smile every day.

We love you, Cora-Dora! Happy birthday, baby girl!
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