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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let's go fly a kite

In the wee small hours of the morning today, I heard the wind whipping hard outside my window. The wind chimes were clanging like crazy. I was bummed since Cora was looking so forward to meeting our sweet friend, Dian, at the park to fly kites. Always the optimist, she held out hope. To my surprise, the sun started peaking out of the clouds around 9. We went ahead to the park and around 11:00 or so, the skies cleared, the wind blew gently, and the sun shone brightly. It was a gorgeous day! :) Cora had a ball flying the Cinderella kite Miss Dian brought her. She did a great job too!


 When we picked up the big kids from school, Cora was excited to tell them about her kite flying skills. Cora and Luke decided it would be fun to go fly their kites again while Carleigh was at dance class this evening. Luke had a ball too! He was excited to get his big kite so high in the sky.

After they tuckered out from flying kites, they wanted to play on the cool playground. My little monkeys have such a good time at the park. When was the last time you swung on the swings at the park...the wind blowing through your hair, the feeling of soaring like a bird? I got on the the swings today and loved it. Funny how all the stress and tension eases when you take time to relax and play a little. We can learn so much from our children.
Happy spring!

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