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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Spring Break 2013 is HERE! Whoo Hoo! I needed a break from the everyday. We have had tons of relaxing time, enjoyed a grown up birthday party, had friends for dinner, went to dinner and a movie family style, and it's only Wednesday! :) We have plans with friends at the park today and Moody Gardens to tomorrow. There is fishing on the agenda and hopefully some more resting, relaxing and eating good food with good friends! We were going to make a trip to the ranch but decided to stay home. Kelvin has a couple of big 'o tests after spring break, so he really needed to stay home and get in some study time. So, we're doing the whole staycation thing, and I'm liking it... a lot. I wish we could fit it some spring cleaning on spring break and paint a room or two, but maybe I can start on that when the kids return to school (fingers crossed, praying hard.) I'm in major clean-out-this-house-because-it's-giving-me-hives mode....MAJOR. I'm to the point where I could rent a big gandola dumpter thing and start throwing everything in it. I have to remind myself my family is not on the same page. We would have major meltdown if I did that. I will take baby steps and slowly but surely get it all done.

Luke's class is doing the Flat Stanley Project, and Carleigh had fun taking some photos this morning...

Rip sticking

riding in the bucket

Hitiching a ride on the back of my car

Wondering what our neighbor his having installed

Hanging out with Cora


Hope y'all have a beautiful week...especially if you're on spring break too. :)
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