Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I'm missing my father-in-law today. He was one of the best people I have ever met. I wish he was still with us. Today marks 5 years since he lost his battle with Multiple Myeloma, cancer of the bone marrow. Marvin was like the energizer bunny. Even when he wasn't feeling his best after a treatment, he still hung in there. Our family went to Colorado several years ago. I remember him going on a hike with Kelvin and me and Kelvin telling us that we talked too much! :) He loved hunting and being outdoors. He taught Kelvin well. He had a fantastic sense of humor. For his birthday one year he chose to take us all to Hooters. The waitresses made him get up while they sang "Happy Birthday," and he had to spell his name with his hiney! He did a superb job, even jumping to dot the "i"! We about fell on the floor laughing! :)

I miss you Marv!

Marvin and Carleigh at his suprise party

Marvin Wilson Dunnam and Luke Wilson Dunnam (he was so proud:) )

Marvin and Kelvin enjoying a day of fishing

Marvin with Luke, Emma, and Carleigh


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  2. My Dad has multiple myeloma too (stage 1 still) and my daughter Naomi has Batten disease (CLN5). Two lousy diseases. From what you have shared on your blog, which I've been following for about three years, your family has suffered quite a bit. As has mine. I'll always wonder why the paths some of us must follow are so much harder than most. Your determination to find joy in the midst of it all inspires me. Thank you.


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