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Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Tale...a Legacy...

To clarify, this is fiction...

Inside room G158 of the NE wing of the Cancer Center, the young Russian couple stared at a television set for the 5th straight hour, wondering what they were talking about. They recognized "Hannah Montana", "Coca-Cola" and "Obama", but that was about it. Over the past month they had traveled seven thousand miles to seek out world class cancer treatment for the family's wife and mother. She was 28 and stricken with bone cancer. After selling everything they owned and arranging for family members in another town to care for their 2 children, they headed to Houston. His employer said they would hold his job, but he wasn't optimistic.

Months of chemotherapy in their coastal home town of Kardla had only slightly slowed the disease. She fortunately fit the profile that an international pharmaceutical company was needing for a clinical trial, so her treatments in Houston were covered. A translator made rounds with her doctors, their only connection to "home". Their spirits grew weak after so many rides on the emotional roller-coaster that only cancer patients can relate to. He had started walking the four miles to the hospital each day to save money on parking, but didn't have the heart to tell her so. A few days last week he even slept in his car, in a mall parking lot, to save what little money they had left.
"I can't think of anyone else needing parking", the nurse told the folks from Emma's Hugs, a new charity that was helping people at the Cancer Center. They explained they had one more Super Pass left, and wanted to leave it with someone. "Maybe try another floor of the hospital", she suggested. So, the couple headed for the elevator. Suddenly, a crash and clatter was heard from the nurses station. A patients chart had fallen off the wall hook and spilled on to the floor. The nurse collected the papers and put them back into the binder, the binder labeled "G158". Then she remembered..."hey wait, I know who could use that parking pass..."

"You are having too much fun", the gentleman told the young girl, laughing until tears came to her eyes. "I know, I really should stop, but it is always so much fun!" she exclaimed. "I know it is, Emma, and you are right, they were certainly the people in most need for a parking pass today. Good job".

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