Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The World- Pre Sin

(author warning: kelvin)

So, we understand that we live in a sinful world. We verbalize that there was a time sin didn't exist on Earth, but what did it look like?

I am afraid that sometime we drastically underestimate the difference between a sinless and sinful world. It is easy to think of a sinless world as being close to our current world, just minus war, theft, disease and lies and everyone smiles. Pretty simple, but oh so understated.

As the free-thinking beings that God willfully made us to be, we sometimes question and doubt those things we can't see. We didn't see sin enter the world, so sometimes we wonder if it really happened or did it just make a good story. Well, we have recently experienced an event that draws incredible parallels to sin entering the world; it forever changed the landscape, no one saw it happen, and yet no one doubts it happened. Please join me for a story, if you will...

On September 11, 2008, Crystal Beach, Texas stood as a thriving beach front town comprised of row after row of brightly colored beach houses. The summer had been awesome. July 4th saw over 5 miles of fireworks fill the sky for hours. Our beach house had new trim boards and a fresh coat of paint. The neighbors had just added a huge deck and planted beautiful tropical flower beds nearly the length of the property line. Fresh shrimp were bought weekly right off the docked boats, soon to be stuffed into jalapeno peppers and wrapped in bacon and grilled. Every sun rise, bar none, had been met with a cup of coffee and abundant fish in the surf. Every sun set was given best wishes by a smoky fire and smores.

On Friday, September 12, 2008 the tide rolled in strong and past the dunes without yielding. The land disappeared as the day went on and by nightfall Crystal Beach resembled Venice, Italy, with blocks of homes standing in water, but standing nonetheless. But as day turned to night, and without a set of human eyes to witness the full event, Hurricane Ike headed for shore with 145 mph winds and a 15 foot storm surge. To be clear, think of the Mississippi River suddenly becoming 50 miles wide and flowing across your town for 12 hours, only to reverse directions and flowing out for another 12 hours. While we can only imagine what it looked like in the dead of night, since no one saw or was able to record this colossal event, we did soon see what was left after the storm.

The town as it had existed before ceased to exist. There was no resemblance between the two. The physical structures were washed a mile across the peninsula, 5 miles across East Bay and eventually piled into debris fields 6 miles inland north of the bay, 12 miles from their slabs!

Welcome to Earth, post-sin...Welcome home!

While we live in a wonderful place with wonderful people, the photos above help to demonstrate how far we are from a sin-free world and God's Perfect Plan. As sin entered the world, it did not gently spread as white-lies and occasional impure thoughts. No, sin swept across the landscape of human hearts as a 15 foot high, black-as-ink wave of destruction. Its roar was deafening and it trampled every soul.

Riding high on the crest of the wave of sin was Batten Disease and others like it.

I celebrate tonight that Emma skips through a town of brightly colored beach houses on her way to play on the beach...running through clean, foamy water...riding on Jesus' shoulders as they romp in the surf...and chasing butterflies on the we used to do...


  1. This is beautiful. And so are all the other posts I've continuously read throughout the day for the first time. I'm ashamed for not coming here before. And as I read on and on, it reminds me of the one and only time I held Emma years ago while helping in the church nursery, during her diagnosis-period. As I held this girl I did not know, I felt so much love for her, and did not want to let her go....ever. I just wanted to tell her Dad as he came to get her,"Hey,I know you don't know me, but if you ever need someone to watch her for you, please call me," but how crazy would that be coming from a stranger!??? There were a few other times after this I wanted to just SAY something, but again shy'd away. But now as I wipe my tears and snot away, I know what to say now; thank you.

  2. -and once again, like so many other times before, your eloquent words have left me speechless.

  3. What a great visual analogy! I love the choice of song in the background as well!

    I so long for a sin-free existance! What a blessing to know that Emma is already there! Unfortunately, your family is still here feeling it's affects.

    I'm so sorry that your family is having to feel this pain! May God give you strength, peace, hope and grace! Love, Hugs and Prayers!!!

    BTW, have you ever heard of or been to the Creation Museum? It's in Kentucky and there is a great exhibit there that talks about what you just touched on! Very powerful place to visit!

  4. Laurie Brock BlackMarch 7, 2010 at 8:14 AM

    I want you guys to know that your words continue to impact my heart and the way that I parent and love my young children. You are in my prayers often.


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