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Friday, December 19, 2008

Where does the time go?

Yikes, I haven't posted in for-ev-er! Sooo sorry. I'm running out of time before Christmas arrives! I haven't finished our shopping, don't even have ideas for some very important people, have gone to school parties and other ones too, caroled around the neighborhood while looking at the pretty lights, and all kinds of other fun stuff. It's been a vapor of a month. It's been a lovely Christmas season though. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time! The kids have done and said some of the funniest things...

Carleigh: I want a DS for Christmas.
Me: I don't think we're going to do that this year.
Carleigh: I'll just ask Santa for it then.
Me: Santa knows not to get things for children their parents don't want them to have.

Luke: I want a Toy Story set.
Grammy: Where have you seen that?
Luke: Grammy, Santa can make anything.

No pressure Santa!

Luke: Carleigh, you better be good, Santa is watching.

Today Luke and Carleigh were playing in the garage and Luke had a "sword"...

Luke: I'll be the knight and you be the mean princess, Carleigh.
Carleigh: No, I want to be the nice princess.
Luke: No, you're the mean princess. You're mean to me.

We had the most wonderful surprise around our parts, and got snow last week! It's still the talk of the town! You all from up north where it snows all the time have a hard time understanding what all the hoop-la is about, I'm sure. But you see, around here, it only snows once in a blue moon (if that much!) We had enough to stick on the ground through the night, and the next morning the kids got to play in it. Below you'll find pictures and video of the grand event, but let me give you some insight on the video. For the past forever several days Luke has been asking when it will snow and if it will snow on Christmas. I have explained at least 100 times that we live in a coastal region where it just doesn't get cold enough to have snow (it's been 80 degrees the past couple of days.) I told him that every once in a while it snows but we shouldn't count on it happening. He asked where it does snow. I told him it snows in the northern states of our country and places like Colorado where our friends live. He said, "I want to move to Colorado." So, that's the background for the video. Let me also preface the video by saying we do live in a coastal climate and don't sport snow shoes or appropriate clothing to play in the snow. Keds and canvas shoes are probably not the best choice for kiddos to play in the snow...

They did have a good time though...

Kelvin's first ever snow angel!

Nothing like a cup of hot cocoa to warm things up!

Emma update...
She has had quite a rough week. She has been unusually fussy, and even crying, which is not normal for her. She tires easily and wants to be held most of the time. We've been doing a lot of snuggling in the recliner, which is fine for me and my expanding waist line! She's also not been able to walk much and has been spitting up more. She did have a good day with Dee Dee, her vision teacher yesterday though. She liked the lights and did some good reaching and touching.

Have a wonderful weekend!
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