Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Laughs from Luke

Yesterday evening was Luke's preschool Christmas program. Picture several hundred 5 and under kiddos dressed in their Christmas best with a crowd full of parents, grandparents, and screaming babies in the audience, and that's where we were last night. :) It was great, really!

Here was our conversation while getting dressed (in the dark I might add, since the power went off as we were getting ready to go)...

Me: Luke, let's get dressed for your Christmas program. (I'm holding his clothes up on the hanger.)

Luke: I wanted to wear my Easter jacket. (light colored linen jacket)

Me: Oh, but Mommy bought these especially for you to wear tonight. (Thanks goodness he was easily convinced. Sometimes it's a 30 minute battle, which he wins on occasion.)

Luke: (after we have his clothes on) Mommy, I think I will be the most handsome boy there tonight.

Me: I agree. You look very nice in your fancy clothes.

A little bit later in the car on the way...

Luke: Mommy, I think I look like a president.

Me: Yes, you do look very nice in your new clothes.

Luke: I don't mean my clothes. I mean my hair!

You gotta love him!

He really was happy to be there. The boy has a very serious streak.

Notice how helpful Luke is being to Emma by holding her head up for the picture. Sweet little Dunnam babies!

Over the weekend Carleigh's little dance class performed at a Christmas festival. Here are some pictures of our little dancing queen for your viewing pleasure...

Isn't she adorable? The very best dancer, of course!

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  1. I love the picture of Mr. President helping out his little sister~~


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