Saturday, October 18, 2008

Meet Luke

So, we're getting the older two ready for bed tonight and are giving hugs and kisses. Then we settle down and begin our prayers. Luke wants to go first. (I think he has an ulterior motive.) Carleigh follows, and Kelvin closes. Right when the last "Amen" is spoken, I hear a funny clinking sound coming from the kitchen. Seems like our little darling Luke (spiritual giant that he is) steals away during Kelvin's prayer, while all of our eyes are closed and sneaks himself a cookie from the kitchen! I ask what the noise was, and then Kelvin calls for Luke. He finally comes back into the den where we are and obviously has something in his mouth. Kelvin makes him open his mouth and discovers there is a cookie in it! He scolds him while tears of laughter are running down my face. Kelvin tells him to never leave again while our family is praying and Luke bobs his head full of blonde curls yes, and says, "Yes, sir" with his mouth full of cookie! And that's how the cookie crumbled!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like you have one smart COOKIE there! I would have probably been laughing too! Too Funny!

  2. oh that is just too cute! I am so glad you shared... My boys would have broken the prayer with, "Mommy hes getting away!" out of jealousy. To much!


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