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Saturday, October 11, 2008

A little wobbly

Emma has been having a rough time walking the past week. She is struggling to stay up once she gets there. She may take one step before she falls, if she gets that far. Our friends at physical therapy the other day provided a walker for her. I think she gets kind of frustrated with it. It does, after all, hinder her independence somewhat! She stayed pretty tired yesterday. I think most things are just kind of wearing her out.

The good news is the doctor prescribed her a new medication. Since she's been on it, she's been sleeping better through the night (whoo hoo) and hasn't had any seizures!! What a blessing!

There's a video below of Emma trying to walk this morning. Pray for her. I'm sure she's frustrated.


  1. Christy, Hi my name is Tamara and I too have had my blog designed by Danielle. I occasionally go back to her sight to see her new creations and saw your new header, clicked and read your blog. Tears are streaming and my heart wants to reach through the computer screen and just hug you. I can not express how I 99% understand this journey our Father has asked of you.

    Our sweet little Lambkin suffers from seizures (epilepsy) and a gamat of other issues too many to type here. Abigail just started using walkers, even though she can not stand, sit nor walk unassisted. She does not like it at all, I don't think she can cognitively get what she is doing. She is about an 8 month old in a 3.5 year old body.

    I look at your sweet angel trying to walk and I can not express how my heart strings are pulled!

    I would absolutely love to be in contact with you! Please stop by our site at and visit us and to read our story. I have been blogging for awhile and have many posts, but you can read on the sidebar the Seed Of Our Journey to get an quick understanding of our daughters life.

    My e-mail is if you'd like to e-mail me. Oh we are in CO I see that you are in TX and must say that I was sad to see this as I was eagerly reading your post I was hoping that maybe there was a chance you were in CO. :)

    Sorry I hope I have not overwhelmed you!

    Also if you don't mind I would love to add you to my side bar of sites I love... let me know and give that sweet angle a hug for me! Blessings to you we are praying for your family,


  2. I love the picture of Emma in her walker. I know it will help her a lot. Praying as always.



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