Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Another first

What can I say? It's her first day of pre-k, and she is thrilled. She only asked when she was going to school 50 or so times. When she saw her little buddy, you would have thought they hadn't seen each other the entire summer the way they ran and embraced...but they have...like two days ago. I know I say it every time I write, but I just can't get over how fleeting the days are. With Cora, it seems even more so, because I truly have very little recollection of her being a baby...grief is weird that way. She is a spunky little monkey, and we are so blessed to have her. So, today, we have one in preschool, one in elementary school, and one in junior high school. Lord, help us!

You might recall last year she wanted to be a scarecrow. I think teacher is a good change. ;)


  1. PRECIOUS!!! Love love love Mrs. Merris... too!

  2. Love that little girl.....oops!!! I mean BIG girl!

    Love ya,


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