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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Thunder and Lightning

We had a little camp out this the house. Twice this summer a storm has blown through and knocked out the power. I take electricity so for granted! It's funny that even after several hours without power, I still tried to flip the switch upon entering the bathroom! A couple of nights ago the winds started blowing, the trees were bending, the thunder was booming, and lightning was popping! It was a STORM! (said in my best Sweet Brown voice) Around 6:30, the power went out. The kids were running around asking where we should go during a tornado, and I was trying to figure out plan B for dinner. A gas stove top is a very good thing when the power is out. I decided it was a mac n cheese night. After dinner, Cora and I dozed on the porch, and she finally went sound asleep. When Kelvin made it home, he set up the generator. Luke set up the chess board, and he and Kelvin played chess by candle light. Luke and Carleigh made their spot in their sleeping bags on the floor of the living room in front of the fan. The fans worked great...until the gas of the generator ran out at 1:30 in the morning. Good thing it was still cloudy and rainy when the sun came up a few hours later. I appreciate the ones who worked hard to restore the power. When the lights came back on at 9:30 a.m., our crew did the happy dance and our fair share of whooping and hollering. Over 12 hours without power was plenty for us, thankyouveramuch. I'm thankful we have power most of the time. Lights are a good thang! And so is A/C (especially in August in Texas!)

Last night was sleepover night. Carleigh and Luke had friends over. Fun times!


Well, the natives are getting restless. It's pancake time. I'm making some cinnamon syrup to go with them...yuuuummmy! What are y'all having? Have a great weekend.

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