Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So much to say...so little time

I have so much to say. I wish there was a way for my thoughts to magically make their way to my blog complete with edited photos and videos. I want to talk about what's going on in our neck of the woods, in our country, in our world! I want to show you all of the cool work Cora is doing and the neat things the big kids have going on. I want to talk about fall and food and fun things in the future. I want to talk about paint colors and home improvement projects I have in my head. I want to show you my fall chalkboard and my table top decorations from our ladies luncheon this weekend. I want to go back a few weeks and tell you about my girls weekend with Carleigh and talk about the things that scare the pants off of me. I want to do a lot of things.

Instead, I guess I will go to the grocery store so we can eat dinner and wash clothes, run by the library to return books so we don't have huge fines, tote kids to and fro for soccer, gymnastics and dance classes, and fold the three baskets of laundry that don't seem to be folding themselves. I'm bound and determined to carve out a spot so I can write here more...I have to!

Have a happy Tuesday



  1. I can relate I have been too busy to blog too!

  2. You managed to post three gorgeous photos - that'll tide some of us over till you find more time! I like that My dad suggested you move closer to us :)


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