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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Well, it looks like I will only post once a month this summer! Holy cow! I can.not. be.lieve. it is already July!! We are having so much fun. I can't stand to think the summer is halfway over. Ugh! We spent last week at the beach. I miss our beach house SO much. I loved every minute we were there. The house we rented with some childhood friends was just perfect. Practically every house down there is new since Hurricane Ike reared its ugly head, and this little jewel was adorable! I am even more inspired to redo around our place now. I wish there was a way to get rid of about 75% of our stuff in the span of a weekend. I would love to give the old head nod or nose twitcheroo like Samantha on Bewitched, and have everything the way I wanted it. Patience. It's not my best virtue. Anyway, I hope to at least paint sometime in the very near future. It's been six years now, so I'm thinking it's time for a little sprucing. The week included good food and great fellowship. We also enjoyed an amazing fireworks show almost every night, and tossed more washers than I have in years. We built sandcastles, rode boogie boards, dug holes to China, and played at the water slide, took Jeep and golfcart rides, watched the sunset, enjoyed drinks on the deck, and had a watermelon seed spitting contest. The kids rode their ripsticks and scooters underneath the house, and we talked into the wee hours. It was a wonderful week! While we were there Kelvin's precious grandmother turned 85! She is such a doll. She is still going strong and works 5 days a week at his aunt's store. I hope to do so well when I'm 85! Happy birthday, Grandma! We love you!!

Well, what have y'all been up to this summer? Carleigh has been to GA camp (Christian girls camp), Luke went to a local theater day camp, both joined the swim team and racked up the ribbons, we did vacation bible school, have enjoyed hanging out with friends, gone to the movies, eaten watermelon, made popscicles, made some adorable 4th of July decorations, spent some time with family, thrown some washers and horse shoes, played in the blow up pool, slept late, watched movies with homemade popcorn, checked out books from the library, and spent a week at the beach! This week, Luke is enjoying STOMP (music) camp at church, and Carleigh is helping Mom and Dad with the kiddos during their preschool summer session. Next week, I hope to visit one of the local water parks, read some more of Summer of the Monkeys, grill, make s'mores, have some dinner guests, make something fun, and sleep late some more. Carleigh is signed up for dance camp in a couple of weeks, and I need to remember to sign up Luke for soccer.

Hope you're having a fun-filled summer!
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