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Sunday, September 26, 2010

I don't get it

The other day I was driving through the Kroger parking lot (I know, I'm there a lot.) I noticed an ambulance, and the parking lot is always crowed, so I was trying to be careful, driving slowly and watching for people and cars. Just then, from my right side a young guy comes jogging in front of me, holding his extremely long shorts that are so big they are hanging off his rear end, and I can see his underwear. I don't get it. How is that comfortable? I mean, pants that are so big they hang off your backside couldn't be comfortable. What if the guy needs both hands? Do his pants fall off? I really don't care to see guys' underwear. What is the big deal about wearing pants that cover your buttocks?! So anyway, I'm watching as this young kid trots across the parking lot, continuing to drive slowly. Just then an older woman starts to cross in front of me from in front of the ambulance. I guess I wasn't traveling slowly enough through the parking lot for her liking, because she threw up her hands in frustration, gave me a very sour look, and shot me the bird! I got flipped off by a grandma! How wrong is that?! I don't get it! Just add it to the list. There are tons of things in this life which baffle my pea-sized brain.

On a happier note, Cora continues to amaze us with her genius. She copies absolutely everything the big kids do. She wants to be in the big fat middle of the action. The other day Luke was doing one of his infamous arm/leg farts. Cora laughed, and the next thing I know, she is trying to do one too! I have to say, as wrong as it sounds, it was pretty cute. I'll have to try and get a video one of these days.

The weekly menus are coming along well. I just haven't made the time to post them. We had some yummy stuff last week such as Creamy Herbed Chicken with Spinach and Sundried Tomatoes and Warm Pasta Salad with Arugula. We also had Greek Pita Pizzas one night...yum-o! All of those recipes came from my Six O'Clock Scramble Recipe Subscription and were 30 minutes or less to prepare. I love it! I've gotta get my brain in gear for the menu this week. I'm thinking cereal for dinner sounds good at this point.

As I type Cora is climbing up in my lap tickling me. She's saying, "tickle, tickle, tickle," as she tries to tickle me. What started off sweet ended up pretty brutal with nails in my arms and hair pulling. Oh well, she's still cute!


  1. I was flipped off this week too!! It was a man that flipped me off though and continuously called me a very bad word!! I think I just happened to get in front of him while he was having a bad day or something!!! I don't get it either!

  2. LOL I couldn't help but laugh at your description of losing pants boy & flipping Grandma! LOL

  3. these boys that wear their pants so baggy... you know they are going to have hip issues when they are older.... everytime i see one walking and holding his legs apart ever so slightly so they stay up, i think... you're so in for it when your 50... just think about their gait... you can't walk normal with pants that baggy... While I'm not a fan of the skinny jean (on ANYONE), at least these morons won't have orthopedic issues when they're 50. Now they might have to deal with rashes caused from the skin tight denim rubbing against their flesh, but there is cream for that. orthopedic problems are far more serious. I have really over thought/worked this whole urban dress phenominon. i'm really kinda glad to be out of style. It's a health hazzard to be a fashion diva these days. Now, my "Units" fashion phase back in the 90's.. highly comfortable and sensible... while at the same time chic... (or so I thought) HA! I may post more on this issue later. I'm glad someone addressed it... something needed to be said...

  4. PS... Lambert almost flipped someone off on the way to small group... can you belevie that??? a guy honked at him for not turing right on red quickly enough... we were discussing our small group study and he says, "you know, I really wanted to flip that guy off." Who am I married to? Leslie... are you sure it wasn't Lambert??

  5. The baggy pants thing, I don't get it either. There is a city or state trying to outlaw such dress. I live by the high school and pretty much see it all as they are getting out when I get off work. Just keep your humor and pray for them. I guess there are far worse things they could be doing.


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