Monday, June 7, 2010

We're Baaaack!

We're back! Did you miss us?! We just got home this morning, or middle of the night, whichever you want to call it, around midnight. We went on a lovely vacation last week. I decided to take a break from blogging while we were gone, hardly checked emails at all, and rarely looked at my phone the entire week! It was kind of nice. But now we're home, and I'll do my best to get some vacation photos posted whithin the next day or two. We had a great time. How is it that time seems to go by at super fast speeds when you are on vacation? No sooner did we arrive, then we were heading back home. Bald Head Island, North Carolina...gorgeous! Precious people, beautiful slow Southern accents, good service, great views, mucho bueno food, wonderful friends, and tons o' fun! The weather was awesome for the most part. It rained one day in the morning, but we had the kids riding the boogie boards in the waves that afternoon! One day the weather was so perfect you would have thought we were in San Diego! The kids dug holes to China and back in the sand under the beach house, and we could have opened our own beach with all the sand that came out of their hair and clothes. They had the. best. time. Cora enjoyed herself too. She loved the attention from the big kids, and warmed up to the idea of the kiddie pool too. She wasn't so sure about the beach. Poor kid, she doesn't realize yet she was born into a beach lovin' family! Hope she comes around soon. Stay tuned...more to come.


  1. Yes we did miss you, although our family was on vacation last week as well. In 6 days I took over 400 pics so I will have several vacation posts. Glad you had a great trip. We had no access to internet and I did miss my blog friends.

  2. Welcome home! I'm glad you are back and that you all had a wonderful time!

  3. Yes, we missed you but so glad that you had a much needed fun time away.
    Still praying for you and your family daily.
    Love and hugs and prayers,


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