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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Special Moment in Time

Today is our 19th wedding anniversary. Our first date was homecoming, 23 years ago! The slide show below shows pictures from Saturday night, October 26, 2007, when Kelvin totally surprised me with a date to Ross S. Sterling High School's 2007 Homecoming to celebrate our first date, 20 years before. He provided a driver to tote me around town to get a pedicure, an updo with my favorite hair stylist, Veronica, and a new dress at my favorite store, All About You, for the occasion. When I got home, there was a knock at the door, and our parents showed up to help celebrate and take pictures...just like we did 23 years ago. Kelvin went to grap a quick "shower" and came out dressed in a tux. A few minutes later we were ready to leave. As I walked out the door, I thought we were leaving in Kelvin's car, but instead there was a white stretch limo waiting for us in the driveway!! We couldn't get away without taking the kids for a spin around the block in the limo! They were so excited. We got to homecoming (which Kelvin had to get special permission for us to attend) and the sponsors told us our tickets were complimentary. The photographer took us to the front of the line and told us to choose whichever package we wanted on him. We danced a few songs, then left for dinner at Rainbow Lodge where they had rose pedals on the table. Dinner was wonderful! We ended the evening at the Lancaster Hotel in downtown Houston with chocolate dipped strawberries and roses in our room. Kelvin is a gem! I couldn't have imagined such a wonderful evening. I felt like a princess. I will never forget my special moment in time. I love you, Kelvin. Happy Anniversary.


  1. Happy Anniversary to a couple I really admire. Y'all are such an inpsriation to me. I loved the picutes. Man the kids were so little.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Those pictures were fantastic! What special memories!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Loved the slide show.

  4. That is the coolest anniversary story ever!!

  5. Sooooooo sweet! :) Talk about "made for each other"!!

  6. The Bernard Bunch loves the piccies, both the individual ones of you two love birds (in French, we say 'le couple qui roucoule'!!!

    It was beautiful to see those pictures of Emma there ... I miss her so much. She is still here in your love for one another ... which believe me draws so much inspiration for so many things in myh life. Love you Emma!!!


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