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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bucket List

Summer is in full swing around our house. The kids and I made a summer bucket list and have checked off several things including swimming, having friends over, and going to the movie. We have also done several things that weren't on our list. Makes me want to make a new one so I can check off those too. Have you ever done that? Don't lie... Anyway, we went on our big vacation beginning Memorial Day weekend in Bald Head Island, North Carolina and had a ball! We're also planning on visiting our friends' lake house, making a trip to Rockport, heading back to the deer lease, and going to Garner State Park with some very good friends, one of whom just recently had a precious baby girl and named her Emma. Love that! I can't wait to meet her. I have never been to Garner, and we are so excited. I just hope there's still water running in the Frio River by the time we get there! It's so dang hot, and I don't think that part of Texas has seen much rain. I certainly hope they don't get the flash flooding that New Braunfels got a couple of weeks ago...never a good thing.

The kids got a new (to them) computer the other day and are lovin all the cool games they can play. I'm lovin using it to check email and blog and stuff without having to trek up the stairs and worry about shutting the computer down in the middle of a sentence because I moved the wrong way and made the jalopy mad! Pitiful, I know, especially the "climbing the stairs part," since my rear end isn't fitting quite as nicely as it once did in my clothes. UGH! and Double UGH! Limiting those carbs and making it a priority to get to the gym this week!


  1. It looks like a wonderful list. We have yet to make an official list but I have one in my head. I may need to sit down and put it on paper. We have already crossed a few things off the list including camping in the backyard. Yes I am always making new lists. I cannot stand the messy look of a list with some items crossed off. Just a little OCD here.

  2. You're adorable. Love the urge to remake the list; it feels so good to cross items off! Love your honesty re: excuses, like climbing stairs. :) Also love that you're all finding so much happiness this summer!


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