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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today was the last day of school for Luke and Cora. Today was Luke's last day of kindergarten. (sniff, sniff) Today was the day he read his book report, complete with props, to his class. His teacher said he did a great job. Today Luke and Carleigh went swimming with friends while Cora and I caught a nap. Today was Carleigh's last day to ride the bus home from second grade. Today was the last day, until the fall comes around starting a new school year, that Cora will run to the door to greet her big sister as she gets off the bus. Today Cora did the cutest little dance when the kids' praise music came on during devotional time. Today I bought parking chips for Texas Children's Hospital to give to people who need them. Today I delivered stamps to the sweet lady on our Emma's Hugs board who writes thank you cards to all of our wonderful donors. Today I got to talk to a friend I haven't heard from in a while and another friend who is struggling with grief too. Today I missed Emma more. Today we negotiated again on the house purchase. Today I bought Carleigh two new pair of sandals and both pair were too small. She is growing too fast. Today Luke asked if the next house we moved into could have a pool. Today I wished the one we are looking at does, but it doesn't. Today it was 93 degrees and HOT! Today I prayed for patience, and when my eldest spewed ugliness from her mouth, I didn't smack her in said mouth. Today I saw my prayer answered. Today I am thankful for the small, soup, mini pizzas, a new shirt. Today I only paid $2.33 a gallon for gas. Today Cora hit Carleigh in the head with a shoe. Today Cora learned what no meant. Today, Cora continued to hit even after learning what no means. (sigh) Today I day dreamed about our vacation. I am looking so forward to seeing our friends and vegging out. Today I also thought about how much fun it will be to teach the kids how to water ski this summer. Today Luke shared his journal entries with me, and I suggested we continue to write in our journals this summer. I think that will be fun. Today is coming to a close. I'm looking forward to sleeping tonight and wonder what tomorrow holds.

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