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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Please pray for Maddie

I haven't ever met Maddie, but a sweet friend of mine called the other day and asked me to pray for her, so I have. I have prayed that God would heal her according to His will. That is the part I don't really like to say, because His will and my will don't always equal the same thing. Maddie is 12 years old, and her body is fighting the bone marrow transplant she had several years ago. She is also not producing the correct amounts of cardon dioxide. I don't understand why. I don't understand why Maddie or Emma or Celia or Christian or Jacob or the 4 month old baby in Houston who was sleeping in her crib and was hit by a car that slammed into the house, killing her or any child for that matter. But I will never understand any of the madness here on Earth. I just have to trust in the One who does understand it all. Sometimes that takes all of the energy I have in a day. My sweet friend texted me just minutes ago and said Maddie was asking people to pray that God calls her to Heaven soon. How can you say no to a request like that from a precious child who has suffered physically most of her young life? Of course, I will pray for God's will. He might have a surprise healing here on Earth for Maddie. Wouldn't that be fantastic for her and her parents, brother and family and friends? It's wonderful to think of Heaven and how glorious it will be, but it sure is hard to think of this side of Heaven without your child, and it's harder still to actually live through each day without your child. I will pray. Will you please join me?
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