Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just Emma

Some of Emma's favorite spots to catch a nap...

About this time last year...

This year

Oh yeah, the boppy pillow is much better

Emma's having a pretty good day today. She got up really early, around 4:30, and had a dirty diaper. After I changed her she was extrememly restless and shaky, so I gave her some of her sedative. She settled a little bit, but got up around 6:45. I was afraid it was going to by a sad day because she began to cry at one point. I think she needed a little Mommy touch, because she settled pretty quickly after I gave her some attention and went right to sleep in one of her favorite spots...the big bean bag chair. After her short morning nap, she ate well, and was pretty sprightly, so I thought I would try her in the cool bouncy activity thing.

I think she liked it. She was lifting her head some and turning it back and forth. She was still content there when her PT came, so the PT session was in the cool bouncy thing. She gave a few little grins, so I think she liked it. Afterward, she crashed out again in her favorite chair. I think it's time for a late afternoon lunch, so off we go to the high chair! The best part of the day so far was the huge toothy smile I got when I was changing her clothes this morning! Talk about make a mommy's day! She knows just the way to do it! Emma ate like a champ at lunch and after her belly was full, the nurse aid showed up to give the little darling a massage. She really enjoys those, but then, who doesn't?

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  1. I am sorry, but I can not do anything but cry.. I can not even describe the words I feel for you and your family and mine. My neice Haylee has Infantile Battens Disease also. I believe you have talked to her mother befor. You are told about this horrible disease, and it seems things just get worse and worse. Things that you didn't even expect. Haylee's ribs are turning outward now, and all of her meals are being fed through her g tube. I can not believe how fast this disease goes. I just wanted you to know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I wake up every morning and can't belive this is all real. It seems like a dream. I can't imagine my life without Haylee. God bless you all and please God heal these children.


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