Tuesday, October 27, 2009

7 months old

Today Cora is seven months old! YIKES! It's flying by faster than I thought it was. So, what is the little bundle doing you ask? She is beginning to do the army crawl, rolls all over the floor, jumps like a crazy girl in the Johnny Jumper, blabs all day long, makes a spitting noise with her tongue and lip, nurses like crazy, eats pretty well, grabs for everything and puts it in her mouth, smiles at most everyone who looks at her, sucks on her little big sister's toes, holds the same sister's hand, feels at home in her big sister's arms, laughs at her brother, throws some pretty substantial fits, fights sleep with the best of 'em, likes to ride in the car most of the time, enjoys stroller rides usually, and has the cutest belly laugh you ever heard! I know I'm missing much, but that's a good summarization.


  1. What a beautiful girl! Love you guys.


  2. Nothing makes it better, or even okay, but having a baby in the house does offer some hope in a rather hopeless situation. And this age, when the belly laughs are as spontaneous as they are contagious, is such a joy! Cora is a cutie pie :)


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