Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Faith Tested?

(Author warning: Kelvin)

Has your faith ever been tested?Don't answer too quick...that's a big question.

First, let's look at what we are asking. Are we saying "faith" as in total belief in God, or "faith" in his abilities? For "tested" are we looking for an opportunity to pass or fail, or simply "tested" in a manner that makes one stronger? Who do we think is doing the testing: God or Satan? Do we really believe in having our faith tested, or did we just grow up hearing the adults say it in church?

I often hear comments about our faith being tested when people mention Emma. It seems so odd to me when people say this, but I usually just nod my head in agreement. I suppose I see it a little, here are my answers to the questions posed above.

All of us are tested in every sense of the word: does God exist, can he do what is written in the Bible, etc. Tests can be meant to prove us as failures or to make us believe God is one. So, who does the testing? I'll say Satan with access granted by God.

Have we been tested by raising a beautiful baby girl named Emma whose mind and body are poisoned by the cruelest of diseases? Are we tested in that we can mourn a child we still hold? Are we tested because we have made initial funeral arrangements for our little girl? Friends, let me be as clear now as in anything I have or ever will post on this blog. For the ever present question...

"Has your faith in God been tested by what you have been through with Emma?"

...I offer a resounding...

"NO!" Our faith has not been tested, it has been FORTIFIED!!!

Emma was not sent to test. She was sent to prove. We all despise war and the losses which come out of it. But without war, we have no heroes. We love our heroes. In her fight against Batten Disease, Emma has given our community dozens, if not hundreds of heroes to celebrate. Her work is not done yet and it won't stop for generations (feel free to take that as a challenge to outdo a child whose skill set only included saying "a", "uh-oh" and "daddy"). She introduced us to the wise words...

"We do not have a soul, but instead are a soul that has a body"

Emma is a wise soul who has taught many.

Tested? I don't get it.


  1. I don't know you or your wife but I have followed your blog as my neice suffers from this same brutal disease, but I would love to be more like the both of you. Your faith, your strength, your will, your love, your fight. You and your wife are amazing and little Emma is blessed.

  2. A dear friend shared a YouTube link with me this morning that I wanted to share with you and your wife. It may be familiar to you too. It spoke volumes to me this morning and I couldn't help but think of your family and the many rainy days you endure:


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