Saturday, January 31, 2009

I like it loud!

Kelvin took the kids to visit his mom last night while I spent some time with my friends (what a man!) He asked me who I thought talked all the way to and from his mom's house. I knew Luke had slept the entire trip, so I assumed Carleigh was the culprit! To my surprise, he informed me that our little Chatty-Cathy was indeed Emma! Kelvin said she was in her normal car fussy mode, so he thought he would turn up the radio to see if she liked the music. He said the music was almost to the uncomfortably loud point, but Emma stopped fussing and started babbling away! When Carleigh wanted to tell him something, he turned down the music, and Emma started fussing again, so he turned it back up, and she was fine! So, they jammed to the loud music and listened to Emma "talk" the whole way there and back. Who knew we have a little rocker girl on our hands!?! :)

Have a rockin' good weekend! Hope the weather in your neck of the woods is as beautiful as it is here.

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