Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good Evaluation

Today we had a good meeting and evaluation for Emma with the team from the school district. They saw what she could do with her vision teacher who was there, and asked some questions. They all ensured me we would come up with the best possible plan to serve Emma's needs. My sweet friend Donna even asked me to share with the group about Emma's Hugs, our non-profit organization we have formed in honor of Emma. I told them about the days when Emma gave great hugs, and even ran up to Kelvin and said "Da Da" with arms outstretched to give him a hug when he got home from work. Those days are gone, but we wanted to somehow memorialize that sweet time in Emma's life. Emma's Hugs is actually Kelvin's vision. We will raise money to go to MD Anderson Cancer Center and Texas Children's Hospital to pay for food and parking randomly...a hug. So, I was pleased with our evaluation meeting. No pressure or stress, just more people who are there to do what they can for our little angel!

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  1. Emma's Hugs will be such a blessing for others! What a wonderful family you must be, to think of others even amidst your own time of suffering! God Bless You!


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