Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Day in the Life

Emma had a good day with her therapists. Since we only have a couple of more months with her current therapists, it seems we're all kind of thinking back to where Emma was when they started with her, and now we're all amazed at how quickly she has regressed. Life is full of changes. Emma and I will meet with the new teachers and therapists in a couple of weeks to decide what kind of services and where she will best be served in the school district. Kelvin and I are watching her body change daily. She is sleeping more, uncomfortable more of the time, losing more muscle tone, losing more vision, and not able to chew her food now. She is totally dependent on us. She is a complete angel and we are blessed to have her in our lives. Her brother and sister are so sweet to her (most of the time.) Carleigh wrote her the sweetest note the other day. I guess she was getting a head start on birthday wishes...

The note says, "Dear Emma. I love you very much. Even when you put your hands in your mouth. I love you. Happy Birthday to you." The little people are Emma and Carleigh. We try to keep Emma's hands out of her mouth because they tend to get raw in between her fingers. We give her her pacifier instead, but she prefers to put her hands in her mouth anyway. I'm sure her constant hands to her mouth is just an involuntary motion.

Stay tuned for more information on Emma's Hugs. Things are starting to fall into place.

Have a great day!


  1. What a sweet card! Thanks for sharing!

    I get such a full heart when my older children do or say something kind about our son Gavin. Some days I feel that they must be feeling the strain of having him as a brother, but then they do or say something that shows me that they are just happy to have him around and that they love him!

    Your daughter's words show just that! What a thoughtful daughter you must have! Children are such a gift! May God bless your sweet and inspirational family!

  2. I love the card Carleigh made, that was very sweet of her.



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