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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back in the Swing of Things

School started back today. I have to admit, I was really enjoying not getting up until 8. I could get used to that! The big yellow limo pulled in front of the house just seconds ago and picked up Carleigh. One down, one to go! Luke goes back to school today too. Today is a therapy day for Emma. We get to see some of her favorite people. I wish the therapy was for more than just trying to maintain and keeping her stimulated. I wish more than ever that she would start improving. Wouldn't it be incredible to start hearing her speak, and clap, and laugh, and see her cutie pie personality again, and watch her run around chasing and calling after her big brother and sister? It's pretty heart breaking for Kelvin and myself right now. Her disease progression has been so fast, especially in the past couple of months it seems. She has lost so much so quickly. I know God has a plan, I just wish it included a miracle healing here and now. It's hard as I sit and hold her trying to sooth her fussiness, all the while feeling the new life in me kicking, pushing and moving around. Emma woke up around 3 this morning for some reason. Kelvin was such a trooper to get up with her after we tried getting her back to sleep for an hour or so. She's sleeping soundly now.

We've been getting things cleaned out around this place. I have some serious nesting going on. We had some wonderful ladies in the house before Christmas who rearranged some furniture and d├ęcor for us. They transformed the formal living room into the new play/toy room. They were so great! We appreciated them tremendously! Things are starting to take shape quite nicely. We also had some serious yard work done in the backyard. As beautiful as all the landscaping was, it took up a huge chunk, really most, of the yard. The kids just didn't have much room to run around and play. So, we had two humongous trees taken out, as well as two very large sections of landscaping. The kids and I watched in amazement as our backyard grew before our eyes. I'm kind of hoping the carpenter fairy will stop by and transform the dog kennel into a cool playhouse. The kids would absolutely love it! I've also gotten a pretty good start on cleaning out my closet...just about finished actually. A couple of our sweet babysitters came by the house the other day and helped the kids get their closets and rooms organized! Yippee! We love you Jamie and Meagan! My darling mother-in-law and niece and nephew came over the other day and helped me take down all the Christmas decorations. What a wonderful treat!! Now I just need to tackle the bookcase and pantry, and figure out where in the world I'm going to put Cora's clothes. I have a couple of ideas. We'll see if they work. I have a little while to think about it still; around 89 days to be exact! I don't have any clothes to worry about yet since I gave all those pretty pink little baby clothes away! Good thing I have some good friends with some cutie pie little girlies who can maybe pass down some of their clothes to Cora.

Well, off to tackle the rest of the day! Have a good one!
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