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Friday, April 4, 2014

Thursday's post on Friday

Well, shocker, I didn't get my post out yesterday! Grr! I had every intention, and then I crashed (like couldn't hold my eyes open any more and had to lie down. I'm not sleeping well during the night, and I think it's messing up my days. :/) Yesterday was going to be "Throwback Thursday." I've been looking at some old photos and can't believe how much the kids have changed, so I thought I would post some old photos for your viewing pleasure.

First up, Luke....

This little doll face is my burly 10 year old!! Luke was barely two in this picture. They were having their end-of-school "party" in the 18 month class at preschool. He's wearing a Kelly's Kids outfit that matched one that Carleigh had. (sigh) His sweet baby soft hair had finally come in, and he was munching down on some special treats. 

This was his first year to play soccer. He was four. He is still playing and loves it more everyday. He's an awesome goalie!

This was a couple of years ago in second grade. His class did a "wax museum" project, and he was Alexander Graham Bell. He had specific criteria for the research, then had to write a little monologue to say when "museum guests" passed by. He was SO cute!

Here's the man a couple of months ago. He turned 10 on February 7. Ugh! I'm feeling so old. He can't decide who he wants to play professional soccer for...I think it's between the US, Mexico, or Brasil. He's wearing a Brasil jersey in his birthday photo. He loves to read, I think mostly for the AR points, but I don't care. His head is always in a book. He also thinks card tricks are cool right now, and he is constantly learning a new one from YouTube videos. 

Here are a couple of the girls. I'll highlight Carleigh next time. :)

These were taken a few years ago on a Colorado vacation. They are so precious!

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