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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cora's 5th birthday in review

I our youngest is now FIVE!! That's just plain crazy! To celebrate, we had a small PJs and Popcorn Party, but not without having to narrow it down first. The whole month before, there were no less than five themes she wanted...all at the same time. A Dora/Little Mermaid/Camp-Out/Sleepover/the Frozen Movie "with popcorn" Party would have been exhausting, to say the least! So, we worked at a compromise. She ended up really wanting Little Mermaid and a sleepover. I knew the sleepover was out of the question, so I suggested to her I bring mermaid cookies to her preschool on her birthday, and then we have a PJs and Popcorn Party and invite her friends over to eat pizza, cupcakes, and popcorn, and watch Frozen in their pjs and then go home. She went for it! :) So, that's what we did. Amanda made the cutest mermaid and seahorse cookies which her school friends thought were AWESOME, and then the next night we had a little party.

Click here for the link to free download for the cupcake wrappers :)

What's that you say? Why yes, the kitchen walls are a different color. Stayed tuned for more photos!

Decorations make everything fun!


Cool chick in shades

Best buddy

That girl loves her Grammy!

Cora started asking for a big girl bike a while back. She let us know she was too big for her current bike (actually a HUGE tricycle). This is her first outing on the bike. Before we got home, she was asking when we could remove the training wheels!

We have slowed way down on birthday parties the past few years. They can just become so over-the-top so very quickly. This one was fun and simple. We didn't try to squeeze in a craft or anything fancy. We ate pizza and cupcakes. Cora opened gifts. We threw some pillows on the floor and popped in the movie, and I popped popcorn. The kids watched the movie for 5.3 minutes, and then they ran upstairs to play in Cora's room but made sure they caught the "Let it Go" scene and then came and went as they pleased. That's the way to watch a movie! ;) She had a ball! I think the PJs and Popcorn Party is my favorite.
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