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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Birthday Girl

Way too many candles on this homemade cake!

Our sweet girl turned 11 today. This morning she got a little gold ring with a "C" momogram that used to belong to my dad. She's requested chicken pot pie for dinner...Yum-O! When Kelvin gets home we'll let her open another little something we got for her room from one of my favorite bloggers' etsy store, Lemonade Makin' Mama. Carleigh has grown so much the past year (over 6 inches to be exact!) she looks sort of like a clown in a circus on her bike nowadays. She asked for a new bike, and she's getting the prettiest purple cruiser! I know she's gonna love it. I hope we can take a spin around the block before bedtime.

At 11, Carleigh is full of life. She has a huge laugh. She is a smart girl, sings like a bird, has a style all her own, and is sweet as sugar. She is a great help for me, and I appreciate her. She is considerate and thoughtful, always making a card or craft for a friend or family member. She is talented too. Carleigh is a beautiful ballerina. She can hardly wait to grow up, (which she is doing extremely too quickly) and is looking so forward to junior high school next year. I love her!
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