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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quick and Easy

Tonight for dinner I made a scrumptious soup. It's was 92 degrees outside today, but I am not easily deterred. I love soup! It's called Quick and Easy Thai Coconut Soup. I think I am the only one in my family who truly loved it. Carleigh almost got another bowl. Kelvin gave it a thumbs up. Cora ate all of hers with a little prodding. But it was like pulling teeth for Luke to finish his bowl. I don't know what's not to like! Two of the ingredients are lime and cilantro for crying out loud! YUM! I think today was the first time I have ever purchased a package of Ramen noodles. Crazy, huh? Next time I make it, I will add more mushrooms and probably leave out the chicken. Not so crazy about chicken lately. Not sure why. Somehow I didn't see the jalapeno in the ingredient list, so I didn't have one to add, but I will definitely add it next time. I will probably try to find a healthier alternative to Ramen noodles as well. But man, I really liked this soup! And, it really is quick and easy. Can't do much better than that on a school night with ravenous kiddos breathing down your neck! ;)

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