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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Major Milestone

We have reached a major milestone at our house. Carleigh turns ten in 4 days. I can. not. beLIEVE it! That birthday not only marks the end of single digits for Carleigh but also marks the number of years we have been changing diapers. It has been 10 years, with no breaks, and sometimes two kiddos at a time, that we have been changing diapers. I don't even want to know how many diapers that is. I'm sure we filled at least a partial landfill! So the milestone is, that we have gone about 3 weeks now without changing a diaper!!! Cora has been wearing big girl panties and going on the potty and doing very well. We are so excited. I can't even tell you how excited. Of course, there is a little part of me that is a tad bit sad because this marks the end of our babies. Last night, I think Cora got a little bit nervous about being a big girl. In her mind big girl=no pacifier. She only uses a paci at bedtime (mostly anyway), and she knows that big girls don't use them. So, last night she threw a wall-eyed fit saying she wanted to wear a diaper! It's hard not to laugh at her when she does something like that. She started saying the same thing this morning, but I told her I would hear nothing of that kind of talk! She stopped pretty quickly and agreed to wear her adorable Minnie Mouse panties. Whew!

Today was Cora's last day of preschool until the fall. I can't beleive she'll be in the 3 year old class next year. I remember when Carleigh was in that class. I thought she was so big. Now my baby will be there. 

We are embarking on a new chapter. Each of our children have become a little more independent recently. We all went for a bike ride last weekend. It was fun to watch the bigger two. Cora loves riding in her seat on the back of my bike. I loved my babies, but I think I am really going to enjoy this next phase of parenthood too. I was always so exhausted from lack of sleep with the babies. None of our babies EVER slept through the night. I don't mean to complain, but it was a very tiresome period. At least now, the big kids sleep through the night, and Cora only wakes occasionally.

We had a wonderful weekend at our friend's lake house for Memorial Day. Here's a photo demonstrating their independence.

The water was shallow and we were only a few feet away, but this was still a pretty big deal!

Hope you have a beautiful weekend! Hope to post more soon. I am so behind...story of my life!
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