Tuesday, May 1, 2012

more favorites

...cocunut pie, Malibu rum, chocolate cake, mojitos, fresh mint, Zumba, watermelon, sailboats, smiles, the cross, old hymns, snow-capped mountains in the summer, horses on the beach, sun-kissed cheeks, text messages that say, "I love you," a good story, learning something new, ukulele, sunroof, lamps, candles, crushed ice, a wink from across the room from my main man, fireworks, hot stone massage, long walk on the beach, Hobby Lobby, boutique shopping, Whole Foods, a good pair of jeans, sitting around the fire, the perfectly roasted marshmallow (so worth the wait), Latin dance, Steel Magnolias/Fried Green Tomatoes/The Help, chicken salad sans onions, clean sheets, a card in the mailbox, a weed free flowerbed, fruit trees, veggie garden, freshly painted room, yoga, old stuff, mango, papya, blue painted ceilings, rocking chairs, cotton pjs, new car smell, handmade, making something old something new, old couples, butterflies, seagrass, grilled corn-the-cob, cooking with my husband and kiddos, creating, getting stains out, lying back looking at the stars in the mountains of Colorado, rope swings into the lake, boat rides, fishing (catching, really), toddlers hugging, Eskimo kisses

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