Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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Edited to update:
If you tried to catch the Emma's Hugs story on KHOU Channel 11 news at 4 today 1/25/12, you didn't miss it. The weather in the Houston area was severe today, so our story got bumped so everyone could see the effects of the weather. Bummer! We will post the new day the story will air as soon as we know it.


Sherry Williams, an anchor from KHOU, Channel 11 in Houston, Texas, followed Emma's Hugs respresentatives, Kelvin and Christy Dunnam (that's us) around Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital a couple of weeks ago. She was doing a story for their "What's Right" segment in which they feature weekly reports that highlight positive, inspiring stories in our community. They saw first hand what Emma's Hugs does. In case you're new around here, Emma's Hugs is the charity we founded in Emma's honor. The mission of this organization is to provide parking assistance for families in the Texas Medical Center. The story should air tomorrow, Wednesday, January 25, on the 4 o'clock news. Hopefully it won't get booted to another day because of all the bad weather forecasted for tomorrow. If you're in the Houston area, we hope you will watch, or set your DVR!


  1. Thank you so much for posting this, Christy...I have been wondering when it would air! Wanted to let you know that I have also been working on our story to share on the website. It has been a crazy week getting settled at home, but I have not forgotten! Thank you again for your incredibly special gift! :)

  2. So very neat to see Emma's Hugs in action. Thank you for sharing yourselves and your memory of Emma in such a blessed way.


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