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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


July 19, 2011, is my parent's 31st anniversary! Congratulations, Mom and Dad! I am so happy for them. What a good example they have been!

Today I invited my friend, Jami, and her kiddos to go with me and mine to drop off the Orek for it's annual service. We all enjoyed some mucho bueno Mexican food at Lupe Tortillas! While in the area, I thought it would be fun to paint some pottery. Unfortunately, the pottery painting place we ventured into wanted your first born for payment. The prices were out the roof! So we decided to head back home and go paint some much more affordable pottery locally. Before we left, we ventured into Justice to see if they had any jeans that would fit Carleigh. She is too big for the 7/8 but too little for the 10/12 at Target and Old Navy. Well, not so much at Justice. The 10 was just a little bit tight across her backside. How did THAT happen?! (Big sigh) I wish I could slow down the clock just a bit. I'm not ready for my little girl to get big yet. I digress. Anyway, the kids were thrilled with their creations at our local pottery painting place, and it didn't break the bank, so the mamas were happy too. It amazes me how different their creations look these days. They have really begun to fine-tune their skills. One more summer fun item checked off our list!

In front of the red barn at the elk camp in Colorado.

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