Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Fun

We returned from a wonderful time in beautiful Colorado last weekend. I can't believe we've already been home a week! We're feeling better now. I went to the doctor. He gave me meds to treat bronchitis. The meds and all the vitamin A and C and other stuff I'm taking seem to have helped. Being a couch potato for a week has been fun, but I'm ready to get back into the summer swing of things. Anyway, back to the vacation. Kelvin left first, driving up to spend some time hiking and hanging out alone. He was way overdo for some downtime...alone. Hope he had fun. I know he met some new friends and enjoyed helping set a new flag pole while he was in San Isabel.
photo found here

We joined him several days later. He picked us up from the airport in Denver. It was pretty nice not having to spend tons of time in the car with kiddos who ask every two minutes how much farther, I have to admit. We all drove to Steamboat Springs to meet up with our dear friends, the Parkhouses at their place.

The kids ( and Kelvin and I too) were thrilled to see the snow on the way to Steamboat! It was cool to stop and let the kids stomp around in it. Snow in July...who knew!?!

The kids have a ball playing together. Jack and Bailey, the twins, are the same age as Carleigh, and Luke fits right in the mix. Kelvin and the kids and I all enjoyed the 4th of July with a great ride up to the top of Mt. Werner for a look around from high above Steamboat. We even saw a baby moose!

The baby moose! Can you believe it!? How cool is that? We saw him while riding the gondola.
 The fireworks were beautiful that night too.

It was fun hanging out and snacking while we waited for the fireworks.
I made a batch of the Apricots and Goat Cheese Bites Sandy posted on her blog. They were delicioso!

Before leaving Steamboat, Kelvin rented a bike for Luke so he could try out the cool pump park just outside our friends' condo.

We then headed West to Delta, Colorado, where we spent a few days at the elk camp where Kelvin goes elk hunting. We loved playing in the ice cold creek, hiking around, fishing, hanging out and riding Mr. Hank's horse.

We even finished reading aloud the first book in the Little House series while we drove. The kids (and Kelvin and I) enjoyed it so much! It's always hard coming home to the humidity and heat after spending time in the gorgeous cool mountains. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. We can't wait to go back.

There's still much to do for rest of summer...
  • sleepovers
  • water park fun
  • tubing
  • ice skating
  • outdoor theater
  • eating more watermelon
  • drinking more watermelon daiquiris
  • reading aloud more of the Little House series
  • going to the library
  • grilling
  • splasing in the blow up pool
  • making pottery
  • and more...

For a free summer fun download, click here. I saw the summer fun download link on Ann's blog a couple of weeks ago. Hope you're having a wonderful summer!


  1. Sounds so wonderful and refreshing. I would have flipped ove the baby moose- so cute. I love babies, human and animal.

  2. Looks like an awesome time! Snow in July, that is so cool!

  3. Love the pics! Aim determned to move us to Colorado at some point. If you find a way to slow thngs down, please let me know. I could use some of that too.


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