Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spa-jama Party

We had such a good time at the spa party. Because I didn't read the invitation close enough, I didn't realize we were supposed to wear our pjs until we walked in. OOPS! Carleigh was not pleased. Oh well, she got over it. :)

soaking her hands to prepare for the manicure by Mom

Green is your color!

Ah, this is the life!

Green is my color too! What a cute manicurist!
Yummy food! Apricots with goat cheese and almonds, fruit and veggie tray, and tortilla pinwheels.
Good friends! One of my closet friends Jana and her little girl Addison came too!

 Our adorable host, Asha and me

 Strawberry have to try this. Sooo good!

This post isn't laid out the way I wanted to be, but hopefully you get the idea. My computer (both of them actually) was doing some funky stuff! UGH! I guess it's time for a trip to the computer guy.

Have a great day!


  1. AWESOME!!! I can't wait for spa parties with the doll!

  2. What a CUTE idea, and what a fun way to spend the evening with your oldest! It's breakfast time here, but those pictures of food have me hungry for appetizers :)

  3. Looks super fun! What a great mother - daughter activity!

  4. Looks like great fun! My daughter would love that!

  5. FUN!!!! Makes me think that having a little girl would be so much fun. :) Oh well, Nate is still young enough that I could paint his nails and he'd LOVE it!!! Just don't tell Randy... ;)


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