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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the special men in my life!

For my wonderful father..
Thank you for sweeping my mom off her feet and becoming the father my sister and I needed. Thank you for providing so wonderfully for our instant family of six...for riding your motorcycle to work in the rain so we could have the car, giving to families in need when no one knew, working overtime to pay for braces among other things, taking us in the boat to water ski on the river and the bayou, showing us how to love our future spouse. I love you!

For my wonderful father-in-law...
I miss you, Marvin. You were such a good dad. Not only did you raise your own children, you raised your grandchildren too. You were such a good example for my husband. You showed him how to respect a lady, to honor your parents and elders, to take pride in our nation, to love the outdoors, the patience it takes to hunt, and much more. I wish you were still here. I know my husband misses his friend.

For the man of my dreams and father of our beautiful children...
I am blessed beyond measure to share the task of raising our children with you, Kelvin. You are such a fabulous father. Our children have a fun-loving, silly, smart, respected, energetic, man of God who loves them to the moon and back father. I could never have imagined what an awesome father you would have been before we had children. You amazed me with your love and support through each labor and delivery. You were incredible the way you stayed by my side the entire time, holding my hand, encouraging me, and then glowing at the first sight of each child. What a sincere honor it was to watch you hold each one for the first time, to whisper words of love in their ears, to so gingerly change them and cradle them. How fun it is to see you play with them now...wrestling around on the floor, teaching them to fish and tube and hunt, encouraging them to step out on faith and try new things. Demonstrating to them a dependence on God. Thank you for loving our children. That they never question that love. That they feel safe and secure because of you. I love you more the life, Kelvin. You are a wonderful daddy.
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