Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Luke!

Seven years ago today, my little man-child was born into this world. He was beautiful! He burst into the world at 11:15 a.m., weighing 7 pounds and 12 ounces, was 19 inches long, and had blue eyes and light brown hair. Of course he was perfect! He nursed right away, and then slept the entire rest of the day! We had to tickle his toes and unwrap him to wake him and feed him that night! He is a delight! Now he is a bundle of energy, with bouncy blonde locks and wild hazel eyes! He is hardly ever still and always has an idea brewing about something. He is adorable. I'm sad I don't have very many photos of him as an infant. I guess I was just too exhausted to pick up the camera after taking care of him, not sleeping much and chasing a 20 month old big sister! I hope he can forgive me!

We celebrated over the weekend...
(click on the photo to make it larger)

He was so tired after playing all night with his friends and all the next morning at an indoor fun house place, that he crashed out with his bouncy ball on his eye! The large strawberry on his cheek is from running into the wall while playing laser tag...never a dull moment!

I had lunch with him today and gave the teacher the cutest monkey faced cookies for the class a friend of mine made. He was so sweet at lunch. I treasure these lunch dates.

Tonight the celebration continues with Grammy and Papa, Carleigh and Cora at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Happy birthday, my precious boy!

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  1. Happy Birthday Luke from all of us at the Estes house! We love you!


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