Sunday, December 19, 2010

iPad for Sale! **Updated**

iPAD for sale! We won a NIB 16GB iPAD in a raffle to help friends raise money to cover adoption expenses. We will sell the iPAD to the highest bidder and give 100% of the money to their adoption fund. Bidding starts at $100 and ends at noon Tuesday. Post bids often...have fun!

We are also running this on fb, FYI. You can go to my page here. Kelvin's is out there too, but I want the highest bid to come in on my page, so I'm not sharing his link with you. Hee Hee! So far, his FB page has the highest bid at $400 $500! Oh man, come on friends!


  1. The bid is up to $400 on Kelvin's FB page.

  2. Good luck to the winner. My husband bought one a few months ago and we could not live without it!!
    What a sweet thing to do!!

  3. This IS very generous! I'm not surprised it's what y'all are doing... Do your friends who are adopting keep a blog?

  4. The Coffey's blog can be found at


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