Friday, July 23, 2010


Feels like I'm in a whirlwind lately. There's so much going on, I feel like I can't keep up. There are some really wonderful new developments with Emma's Hugs. If you aren't a friend of Emma's Hugs on Facebook, become one so you can keep abreast of all the cool happenings. Just today Emma's Hugs gave over 160 days of parking at Memorial Hermann Children's Hospital and Texas Children's Hospital and surpassed 10 years of parking gifted to families!

Today as I drove around the streets of the medical center, I was behind a car that had a bumper sticker that read something like, "Believe in Miracles," or "miracles happen," I can't remember exactly. Sometimes I get a little bit bitter when I see phrases like that. I realize there is such a thing as a miracle, and I know people who have had them occur in their lives, and if I stop and think about it long enough, I'm probably one of them, but the one I prayed for didn't happen here. I guess that's the hard part about believing. I have to believe I got my miracle even though I can't see it. I wish I understood why things happen the way they do. Maybe it would be easier to get through each day. But I don't understand. It's nice when someone tells me what an impact Emma had on his/her life, but what I really want is my daughter here and healthy.

My heart is breaking for a beautiful little girl I met today. Her health is very bad. She needs all sorts of transplants but won't get them because she is so sick. I pray she finds healing soon. I know she is very uncomfortable. I hope she gets the miracle healing she needs...


  1. Dear Christy, I do understand how you feel. What doesn't seem to make sense down here has a strong meaning up there ... thinking of you and your beautiful little Emma every day.


  2. So exciting to hear of the growth and good work of Emma's Hugs! I will definately try to friend this on facebook.
    Missing sweet Emma with you every day. Praying for you and your family. Where there are no answers, I pray that your faith would be strong and God would give you His peace and fill the emptyness.
    Love and hugs and prayers,

  3. You are more of a blessing than you know. I can't imagine how it must feel to see other people's miracles around you. I also don't understand why some miracles happen and others don't.
    I KNOW that you (Emma's Hugs) are making miracles real in other people's lives.
    I pray for comfort and peace.


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