Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our God is an Awesome God

(author warning: kelvin)

Wow, what an awesome God we serve!
The God of Abraham; The God of Jacob; The God of Isaac!
Our God!
The One who heals; The One who saves; The One who protects!
Our God!
I have but only one sick child; He has them all.
My heart is heavy with sadness; His carries the weight of the world.
I hurt for Emma; He hurt for the first ill child after sin entered the world.

Emma has touched thousands of lives, more than most do in an eighty year span. But that doesn't begin to justify her illness in my mind.
I will stand before God one day and he will reveal to me how he tried so hard to bring her situation back towards his original perfect plan; the pre-sin plan.
It will be incredible; I will be speechless as I fall on my face in praise to his mightyness.

He will reveal the trail of influence that Emma had; how it went from mother -to child -to teacher -to brother -to co-worker -to pastor -to blog friends -to father -to uncle -to stranger at the store -to cancer patient -to doctor -to nurse -to grandmother -to unknown e-mail recipient -to another state -to another continent -to another generation and started over a thousand times again -and again -and again...

And while seeing this revelation a beautiful blonde hair girl will run and jump in my arms. We will look back at the flash of time we spent on earth and it will seem like a foggy dream from long ago. Then we will look forward to an enternity of perfect health and laughter and we will sing praises to God as loud as we can...together...and run...and laugh...and dance...

As I recall that I can not remember what gifts were given or received last year, let us all remember the reason for the season...for unto us a babe was born...God is good.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Beautifully said as always!! Love you guys!!

  2. Every time I hear the song, "Don't Wake Me" by Skillet, I think of you guys. Brings me to tears. Maybe you two could listen to it sometime. We're still praying for Emma and your family. Isn't it amazing how many are praying? One of those great ways that God is good.

  3. What an awesome God we serve! What an awesome family you are! Praying that God's peace, comfort and love will surround you every step of every day.

  4. Our God is awesome!!
    He sees, He hears, He feels every heartache. He is with you and in you. He is your strength and hope.
    Know that you are loved and prayed for by God and that there is a friend in Beaverton, OR that loves you and is always praying with and for you.
    Merry Christmas!
    Love and hugs and prayers,

  5. So well said !!! 8 years ago our son and his wife were experiencing a different city, a different baby girl, a different rare disease with no known cure, but similar feelings. Chris became a fan of Rich Mullins because his music was so honest. One of his favorites was "Hard to Get" I look forward to seeing Susanna in perfect health someday and "knowing" that because of God's wisdom and perfect love that she was part of a bigger plan. Emma has touched so many people and will continue to touch lives through "Emma's Hugs" The weeks at Boston Children's were such a blur, but I remember so well the coffee shop that refused to charge us after the first week, the Red Sox tickets to force Chris out of the hospital and the church that paid for a few meals. All of this was evidence that God was right beside us. We will continue to pray for your family daily. Merry Christmas Love, the Nikirks

  6. Agreeing with you - His plan is yet to be fully revealed.


  7. We serve an amazing, awesome, BIG God. Praise His holy name. We are thinking of you and praying for you as always. Merry Christmas.

  8. YOU are an amazing amazing person!


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