Saturday, September 26, 2009

I want more!

Cora is almost 6 months old! Tomorrow our little bundle of joy will be 1/2 a year old. I cannot believe it. I was looking through my baby nutrition and feeding book and realized it's time to start feeding the little doll. I guess I should have clued into that fact when she was grabbing at my food and staring at us like a dog stares at a steak while we eat. I do things a bit differently around here. The first food she ever experienced in her little life was avocado. Do you think she liked it?

She couldn't get enough! I'm so glad she's not picky so far.

Nothin' like a good nap after a good meal!


  1. That last picture is SO CUTE! It makes me want to go snuggle one on my own.

  2. Food glorious, food!

    Things have calmed down here a bit... I hope to be in touch soon :)

  3. I think she got more on herself than in her mouth! She is adorable. Yay for a new milestone!


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