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Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby Got Back

(Author Warning: Kelvin)

Have I ever mentioned that Christy has...just kidding...HA! Gotcha!

So anyway, this morning Christy was giving Cora a quick bath in the sink and I just had to take a picture of her cute, fat, little bottom (again, this is Cora I am referring to).

She is TOTALLY chunking up. Look at those rolls! For Pete's sake she has "cankles"! All of our kids have done this. This is actually one of my bragging areas about Christy. A few factoids for your consideration:

* All four kids have been 100% breast fed
* We have never bought the first package of formula
* Carleigh weighed 23 pounds at 1 year old...and was still 23 pounds at 2 years old
* At one point we had 54 bags of milk in the freezer (and a chunky kiddo). I saw $$$ signs and threatened to sell them on Ebay. Needless to say, that didn't happen.
* The older kids can mimic the sound of the breast pump! How funny is that?

OK, I have to wrap up this post and get ready to leave. Christy will be home is 10 minutes and I will immediately leave so she can't hit me when she reads this!

Have a great weekend.
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